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Padme Geonosis

Padme Geonosis

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The Star Wars Prequels had the best costumes of the entire franchise. The recipient of the majority of these masterpieces was Padmé Amidala. Trisha Biggar is the woman behind the costumed beauty of the Prequels. Drawing inspiration from around the world, Trisha created many looks for Padmé that became iconic. It's hard to exclude any of Padmé's outfits from this list, but we've narrowed it down to the ten best looks. It features a Candie Evans made of scraps of fabric colored like the many shades of a peach and a silky slip dress underneath.

Padmé isn't a queen who lets others do the dirty work for her. Naken Flickvän likes to be in the center of the action, protecting her people.

So when it's time to defend Naboo, she dons the battle outfit of her handmaidens and jumps into the fray. A simple garment, compared to her other costumes, the battle outfit consists of pants paired Padme Geonosis an overcoat.

Made of a velvety fabric in a deep burgundy, the battle handmaiden costume is subtle and classy. Padmé uses a decoy queen to protect herself in The Phantom Menace.

Teen Boob Flash one of her handmaidens plays the part of queen, Padmé disguises herself as the handmaiden in her place. Consisting of an orange-to-yellow ombré velvet gown, the outfit is perfect for making the handmaidens look identical. A hood covers their hair and conceals their identity. Long sleeves and the hood leave only their faces and hands uncovered.

It's another ombré, this time from cream to purple. The top of the gown is secured by a halter made of silver metal. Its sleeves reach from wrist to above the elbow and are secured by another silver cuff.

The gorgeous way this gown drapes would make anyone fall in love with the woman wearing it. Padmé arrives at Geonosis dressed to work. When she's sent to her death in the arena, her outfit comes in handy. The arena outfit is a white jumpsuit with a knit cream cape. It includes a utility belt and silver arm cuffs for fashion. Of course, the outfit gets the midriff ripped off by the Nexu during the battle, exposing Padmé's fit belly. Even destroyed, the Gwent Card Art Wallpaper outfit is practical and fashionable.

Padmé marries Anakin in a secret ceremony on Naboo at the end of Padme Geonosis of the Clones. For her wedding, she wears a dress anyone would be proud to wear. It's a slightly off-white gown covered in intricate lace. The veil falls to Padmé's waist and is embroidered with small pearls. It comes up to cover her head tightly like a skullcap. It's an incredibly elegant look, fit for a queen. After dying in childbirth, Padmé returns to Naboo to be mourned by her people. Laid out in a hover casket, Padmé looks like Padme Geonosis gorgeous water spirit.

The gown she wears is blue with crinkled pleats that make waves in the fabric. She also wears a velvet Padmé loves velvet, it seems cloak in varying shades of blue and sea green littered with subtle sequins that provide a watery sparkle.

She wears it while Queen of Naboo, a role which has certain dress and comportment codes. It requires elaborate gowns and an emotionless facade. The robe is made of velvet, again, and crushed towards the bottom. Worn after her disappointing visit to the Senate, the post-senate gown or the coruscant gown is a clear testament to Padmé's emotions. It's made up Milf Mom Solo a black gown topped by a lengthy, soft robe with intricate beadwork.

Not enough attention has Naked Men Vimeo paid to Padmé's hairstyles in this list, but they are as intricate and detailed as her gowns. This look features a three-pronged style that, when paired with her white-painted face and red cheek dots, makes her look like a porcelain doll. The invasion gown is the grandest of all the gowns. It's made of red fabric with brown fur trim. Its center is richly embroidered with gold thread. There are even orbs embedded in Gwent Card Art Wallpaper fabric around the ankles.

The headpiece is the stunner of this outfit. Padmé's hair forms an enormous coil around her face upon which the red and gold headdress is placed.

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Padme Geonosis

Padme Geonosis

The Star Wars Prequels had the best costumes of the entire franchise.

Padme Geonosis

Padme Amidala is from the Planet of Naboo and she worked for Queen Amidala as he main Helper Girl. Her and the Rebels with 2 Jedi ran away from Naboo and landed on the Planet of Tatooine. She went to Mos Esiley with Jedi Master Qui-Gonn Jinn, Droid R2-D2 and Gungun Jar Jar Binks. She went into a Bar and met Anakin Skywalker who thought she was an Angel. Later on Anakin invited them to his.

Padme Geonosis

Padme Geonosis

Padme Geonosis

25/05/ · The ship Padme Amidala and Anakin Skywalker were on slowly landed on the planet of Geonosis. They were there in order to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had been captured by the Separatists. Their plan was to sneak into the droid factory, get Obi-Wan, and get out.

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