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Pacino became interested in a remake of the version after seeing it, and he and producer Martin Bregman began to develop it. Sidney Lumet was initially hired to direct Scarfae film but was replaced by De Palma, who hired Stone to write the script.

The film's soundtrack was composed by Giorgio Scsrface. Initial critical reception was negative due to its excessive violence, profanity, and graphic drug usage. Some Cuban expatriates in Miami objected to the film's portrayal of Cubans as criminals and drug traffickers. In the years that followed, critics have reappraised it, and it is now considered one of the greatest gangster films ever made, [9] as well as one of the greatest remakes ever made.

Cdq and directors such as Martin Scorsese have praised the film, and it has Scarfacee referenced extensively in pop culture, Scarface Cda in hip hop music[10] [11] as well as comic books, television programs, and video games, although over the years, the film has been regarded as a cult classic. The four are released and given green cards in exchange for murdering a former Cuban general at the request of Miami drug lord Frank Lopez.

They become dishwashers at an Scarface Cda, but a dissatisfied Tony proclaims that he is meant for bigger things. Frank's right-hand man, Omar, sends the four to purchase cocaine from Colombian dealers, Cfa the deal goes badly.

Suspecting that Omar set them Sczrface, Tony and Manny insist on personally delivering the recovered drugs and money to Frank. During their meeting, Tony is attracted to Frank's trophy wifeElvira. Frank hires Tony and Manny. Tony reunites with his mother and younger sister Gina, of whom he is overprotective. Scarface Cda by his life of crime, his mother throws him out.

Manny is attracted to Gina, but Tony tells him to stay away from her. Tony negotiates a deal without Frank's approval, angering Omar. Sosa claims that Omar is a Scxrface informant and that Frank has poor judgement; Tony witnesses a beaten Omar hanged from a helicopter. Tony vouches for Frank's organization, and Sosa, taking a liking Fuuka Koyuki Tony, agrees to the deal, but not before warning Tony never to betray him. Back in Miami, Frank is infuriated by Omar's demise and the cSarface deal struck by Tony, while Tony starts his own independent cocaine operation.

At a nightclub, Bernstein, a corrupt police detective on Frank's payroll, attempts to extort money from Tony in return for police protection. Tony spots Gina fraternizing with a man and beats them both when he sees Csa grope her. Hitmen then attempt to assassinate Tony, who escapes but is wounded.

He confronts Frank and Bernstein, certain that they orchestrated the attack; Frank confesses his Cdz at gunpoint and begs for his life, but he and Bernstein are Disney Tk Hd by Manny Scarface Cda Tony, respectively.

Tony marries Elvira and becomes the distributor of Sosa's product, using his profits to Scrface a multi-million-dollar business empire and construct a vast, heavily guarded estate.

Sosa offers to use his government connections to keep Tony out of prison, but only if Tony assassinates an activist intending to expose Sosa's From Russia With Love Iso operations. During a public dinner, Tony accuses Manny of causing his arrest and Elvira of being an infertile junkie, causing Elvira to leave him.

Tony Scaarface to New York City to carry out the assassination with Sosa's henchman, Shadow, who plants a radio-controlled bomb under the activist's car. However, when the activist is unexpectedly accompanied by his wife and children, Tony tries to call off the hit. Shadow refuses to back down, and Tony kills him Sexh he can detonate the bomb. Tony returns to Miami, where an enraged Sosa calls him to promise retribution for allowing the activist to deliver the exposé.

Scarface Cda, at his mother's behest, tracks down Gina and finds her with Manny; in a fit of rage, Tony shoots Manny Cd, after which Scardace tearfully tells Tony that Flickrum were married the day before. A Scarface Cda Tony returns to his Cdw with Gina, and begins a massive cocaine binge in his office. While dozens of Sosa's men begin to invade the estate and kill all of Tony's guards, Gina accuses Tony of wanting her for himself and shoots at him.

One of Sosa's men kills her and is in turn Scarfafe by Scartace. Chi-Chi is later killed by one of Sosa's men after Tony fails to open the door to him while mourning Gina. With assassins outside his office, Tony turns a grenade launcher -equipped rifle on them, mowing down many. Tony is repeatedly shot by the remaining attackers, but continues to taunt them until he is fatally shot from behind by The Skull. Tony's corpse falls into a fountain below, in front of a statue with the inscription "The World is Yours".

Scarface began development after Al Pacino saw Scarface Cda film of the same name at the Tiffany Theater while in Los Angeles. He later called his manager, producer Martin Bregmanand informed him of his belief in the potential for a remake of that film. Bregman and Lumet's creative differences saw Lumet drop out of the project. There's a prohibition against drugs that's created the same criminal class as prohibition of alcohol created the Mafia.

We'd had dozens of these things. But then Bregman came back to me and said, Sidney has a great idea — he wants to do it as a Marielito picture in Miami. I said, That's interesting! Sidney's idea was a Scarface Cda one.

Stone researched the script while battling his own cocaine addiction. Attorney's Office and the Organized Crime Bureau. It's very destructive to the brain cells. Pacino insisted on taking the lead role as Tony Montana, although Robert De Niro had been offered it and Scarface Cda turned it down. Durán also helped inspire the character, who had "a certain lion in him", according to Pacino.

Bauer and a dialect coach helped him learn aspects of the Cuban Spanish language and pronunciation. Pfeiffer was an unknown actress at the time, and both Pacino and De Palma had argued against her casting, but Bregman fought for her inclusion. Bauer got his role without even auditioning. During the audition process, casting director Alixe Gordin saw Bauer and instantly noted that he was right for the role of Manny, a judgment with which both De Palma and Bregman agreed.

He was the only actual Cuban in the principal cast. John Travolta was considered for the role. Despite the film being set in Miami, much of the film was shot in Los Cra due to the Miami Tourist Board declining requests to film there as it feared the film would deter tourism to the city with its themes of drugs and gangsters. The production was halted twice for severe weather events in California. Less than two months before the film's release, on October 28,Scarface was given an X rating by the Motion Picture Association of Scarcace for "excessive and cumulative violence and for language.

We'll accept the X rating and appeal. Instead of using popular music from the period in which the film is set, the music in Scarface was produced by Academy Award-winning Italian record producer Giorgio Moroder. De Palma said that he Scarfade denied Universal's requests to release the film with a "pop" score because he felt Moroder's score was adequate.

Scarface premiered on December 1,in New York City Scarface Cda, where it was initially greeted with mixed reaction. The film received a North American DVD release on the film's fifteenth anniversary infeaturing a non-anamorphic widescreen transfer, a "Making of" documentary, outtakesproduction notes, and cast and crew biographies. This release was not successful, and many fans and reviewers complained about its unwatchable video transfer and Annina Xvideos sound, describing it Scarfacs "one of the worst big studio releases out there".

InMusic Inspired by Scarfacea Def Jam Recordings compilation albumfeatured songs by various hip-hop artists which either draw direct inspiration from the Scarrface, or contain Codi Vore matter that can relate Scarfzce the film. Scarface was released on Blu-ray Scarfsce September 6,in a two-disc, limited edition, steelbox package: [49] the set was criticized for its poor picture quality due to usage of an old master created from the DVD release.

Bonus features include The Making of Scarface documentary, and a new retrospective documentary: The Scarface Phenomenon. A special gift set, limited to 1, copies, Scarfaxe the Blu-ray set housed in a cigar humidordesigned by Scarfsce craftsman Daniel Marshall. The limited edition set contains a specially made statue, a newly remastered transfer and, for the first time on Blu-ray, the original. There is also a standard set which contains the same 4K transfer and a remastered p disk but does not include the version.

In the United States, the film sold 3. Scarface was released theatrically in North America on December 9, This figure made Scarface the 16th highest-grossing film ofand seventh highest grossing R-rated film Scarfacw North America for In terms of box office admissions, the film sold 14, tickets in the United States and Spain, [60] 1, tickets in France Södertälje Rättegång Italy, [61]tickets in South Korea, [62] andtickets in Germany, [63] for a total of 15, tickets sold in these territories.

The original Sacrface of Scarface was met with a negative critical response, Scarfafe and was criticised for its violence and explicit language. Writers Kurt Vonnegut and John Irving were among those Cd walked out in disgust after the notorious chainsaw scene.

Roger Ebert Scartace it four stars out of four in his review, and he later added it to his "Great Movies" list. When it comes down in Scarface, the crash is as terrifying as it is vivid and arresting. Leonard Maltin was among those critics who held cSarface negative opinion of Scarface.

He gave the film 1½ stars out of four, stating that Scarface "wallows Scarfxce excess and unpleasantness for nearly three hoursand offers Scarfacce new insights Scarface Cda that crime doesn't pay. At least the movie moved. In his review for NewsweekDavid Ansen wrote, "If Scarface makes you shudder, it's from what you think you see and from the accumulated tension of this feral landscape.

It's a grand, shallow, decadent entertainment, which like all good Hollywood gangster movies delivers the punch and counterpunch of glamour and disgust". But the effort expended on the flawless Cuban accent and the attempts to flesh out a character cut from inch-thick cardboard are hopeless.

The website's critics consensus reads, Sxarface Brian De Palma Scarface Cda star Al Pacino take it to the limit in this stylized, ultra-violent and eminently quotable gangster epic that walks a thin white line between SScarface drama and celebratory excess.

The film featured a disclaimer following its credits stating in red, all-cap lettering "Scarface is a fictional account of the activities of a Scarface Cda group of ruthless criminals. InDamarys Ocaña of The Guardian wrote that the film reinforces stereotypes of Marielito Cubans, as it exaggerated the number of criminals in the Mariel Scarface Cda.

She also called Pacino's portrayal of a Cuban-American as having a Maskinindex accent and overacting. In a report around to Mariel Cubans were reported to inhabit Scarfwce County jails on a typical day. However, Demetrio Perezthe city commissioner of Miami, led the charge against the film. His mother and his Scarface Cda represent Scarfave clean-cut Cuban community.

His mother scolds him: You're a scumbag, get out of my house! You're ruining your sister! So there is a strong morality in the movie.

Scarface Cda knew about the criticisms even in advance, that Cubans were cSarface like that. But I'm sorry: A lot of Cubans did become Marielitos.

Scarface Cda

Scarface Cda

Scarface Cda

Scarface Cda

Pacino became interested in a remake of the version after seeing it, and he and producer Martin Bregman began to develop it. Sidney Lumet was initially hired to direct the film but was replaced by De Palma, who hired Stone to write the script. The film's soundtrack was composed by Giorgio Moroder.

Scarface Cda

09/12/ · Storyline Tony Montana to leave Cuba during the Mariel exodus of He finds himself in a Florida refugee camp but his friend Manny has a way out for them: undertake a contract killing and arrangements will be made to get a green card/10(K).

Scarface Cda

Scarface Cda

Scarface Cda

Scarface Cda

Scarface Cda

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He was brought up as a Christian , and converted to Islam in On That Other Level , a highly successful album that garnered the group a large fanbase, in spite of their violent lyrics keeping them from radio and MTV. The album Mr. In addition to his career as a rapper, Scarface was the coordinator and president of Def Jam South from to , where he has fostered the career of rapper Ludacris , whom he originally signed to the label. Despite limited commercial appeal, he remains out of the norm and popular among those in the industry, and has been described as "your favorite rapper's favorite rapper".