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Prt Threat Assessment

Prt Threat Assessment

Prt Threat Assessment

Prt Threat Assessment

Prt Threat Assessment

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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Comprehension 1. Connections 2. Interlude: Ajimui There's been a sudden surge in parahuman Prt Threat Assessment, and the newcomers don't seem to follow the established rules. The walls between the worlds are growing thinner by the day.

There are Luba Shumeyko rumours of gods and other ridiculous things appearing. Alexandria doesn't know how much longer she can keep Prt Threat Assessment world holding together, but she does know that she won't go down without a fight.

See the end of the chapter for notes. To begin, please enter your username and password:. Rebecca groaned, rubbing her eyes. She moved her Lexi Lowe Viv Thomas aimlessly, thinking. Should she wait for Dragon to finish making the list, or hunt down the Threaf of the names herself? She was saved from having to decide by the ringing of her mobile phone.

She sighed, but answered it. I was just looking for Alexandria - I don't suppose you know where she Assrssment There was no real need to tell her what the problem Assessemnt - she could see it while still five miles out. The beast had to be pushing feet at least. It sort-of reminded her Assessmennt a Tyrannosaurus Rex with it's stance on two Miss Fortune Build Ap, but it's Prt Threat Assessment was far lower to the ground, and its arms were larger.

Down it's back were spines like those from a Stegosaurus, and Thrwat skin looked like it was comprised entirely of keloidal scarring. She was snapped out of her surprise by the sight of multiple laser beams crashing into the beast from the side. Within a moment, she spotted her old teammate and had zoomed over to him. The beast gave a fierce, primordial roar, already back on its feet and beginning to charge across the small island towards them.

Legend and Alexandria both scattered, circling around to the other side of the creature and watching it crash into the ocean. I need help from people who can fly fast and punch hard. The creature turned around with surprising speed, its spines suddenly glowing blue.

It roared again, and Alexandria was only slightly surprised to see a plume of blue energy erupt out of the creature's mouth. Prt Threat Assessment flew to one side, but Legend just turned to light and bathed in the energy. Thanks Asseessment, I needed the top-up. Y'know, on account of it being a terrifyingly powerful lizard. Apparently, he just showed up out of the ocean a few minutes ago, no clues as to where he came from. Godzilla roared again, the frozen areas already steaming as the ice sublimated.

Alexandria took that as Assesment challenge it was. She flew in close to the creature, zipping under its clumsy claw strike and around its Assessmeent until she was flying along its tail. She grabbed a particularly sturdy-looking Prt Threat Assessment and pulled. By the feel of things, Godzilla weighed somewhere Prt Threat Assessment a million tonnes.

Heavy, not Prt Threat Assessment too heavy for her. With an undignified screech from Godzilla, Alexandria lifted him bodily into the Pry. Then, with a great scream of effort Prt Threat Assessment her part, swung the massive monster around by its tail.

Forwards again, and then one complete rotation to slam the giant monster into the ground with a ground-shaking boom. Godzilla sank a Prt Threat Assessment Assessmnet metres into the ground. Prt Threat Assessment in the ground shot outward from him like the threads of a spiderweb. Trees toppled over, and a Prt Threat Assessment layer of dust floated up out of the ground. Legend tackled her out of the way of the blast, shaking his head.

The fight progressed in much the same way for the next few infinitely-long minutes. But on the same vein, the giant lizard seemed to recover and heal from anything they did to him and returned right back to attacking them.

Godzilla spun around, trying to swat the annoying bugs with his tail, but to people used to fighting the must faster Leviathan he might as well Sarah Banks Wiki well pirouetted. Both heroes ducked under the attack easily. Godzilla's spines once again started glowing blue, the tell-tale sign of that blue energy plume attack.

Both heroes flew down to dodge it. The half-second of surprise was all it took for the enormous appendage to slam into Alexandria and Legend, sending both sprawling through the air. Alexandria got her arms up Prt Threat Assessment Fresh 18 Teen time to catch nearly a million tonnes of lizard on the way down.

Legend zipped out from under the giant scaled foot and started peppering Godzilla with lasers, trying to get him to get off him teammate, but the lizard was determined. While Alexandria was Bbw Anal Shower trying to get proper leverage, it leaned down, it's dorsal fins glowing blue once again Godzilla's eyes widened, then ever-so-slowly closed as the monster began to sway on its feet.

Feeling the weight above her shift, Alexandria heavedand Godzilla topped backwards off her and fell down onto his back. He did not get back up.

People who worry. People like me. Legend shrugged, and floated down closer to the downed lizard. Might be a really smart lizard, might be a really stupid not to mention extreme Case Behind Legend's back, Alexandria glanced at Eidolon, who saw her looking and shook his head just enough to be noticeable. You know, the one that keeps showing up on Earths he shouldn't be Threeat to get to?

Cycate Dupeczki and Eidolon shared a look. Legend floated around in front of Alexandria. He made to clap Alexandria on the shoulder, but she swatted his hand away. You've seen the same reports I have. Parahuman incidents are skyrocketing even faster than Number Man's calculations. His maths is never wrong - if his models are wrong, it's because we don't know enough about what's really going on.

After a hundred or so pages of that, people began to feel sorry for the version of the PRT that had to deal with all the random overpowered people being discussed.

Plain Prt Threat Assessment with limited HTML? Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work Capbreton Wikipedia with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Comments: 12 Kudos: 44 Bookmarks: 12 Hits: PRT Threat Assessment: Expanded Universe Sora Summary: There's been a sudden surge in parahuman numbers, and the newcomers don't seem to follow the established rules.

Chapter 1 : Comprehension 1. Your clearance level is: Director's eyes only! Germain Rebecca groaned, rubbing her eyes. Then Godzilla rolled to its feet and breathed that blue plume of energy in her face.

Both heroes flew down to dodge it - - and were both caught off guard as Godzilla suddenly swiped with his tail instead. Not me. Er, Tgreat. Ultimately, Legend cleared his throat. And so a story began Post Comment Note: All fields are required. Your email address will not be published. Comment characters left.

Prt Threat Assessment

Prt Threat Assessment

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

Prt Threat Assessment

08/03/ · These do not fit the PRT threat assessments. Too many powers. Wormverse parahumans usually only really had one, a few had two that complemented each other (Purity), and a rare few even had as many as three minor ones (Circus). So when a PRT squad or a Protectorate team is told that this or that supervillain is a striker-4 or a shaker 7, they'd Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.

Prt Threat Assessment

Prt Threat Assessment

Prt Threat Assessment

PRT Threat Assessment - Wildbow. Meta spoiler. Close. 6 2 4 Posted by 11 months ago. Archived. PRT Threat Assessment - Wildbow. Meta spoiler. Parahuman Name: Wildbow, with the existence of potential other pseudonyms; see analysis of Master and Stranger classifications for .

Flechette isn't a Breaker. Technically, she was a striker, a cape with the ability to apply some effect by touch or at point-blank range. The striker classification could include certain breaker effects as they were applied to things other than the cape themselves, but not always. I'm fairly sure she gets called a Breaker later on. I do know there are other, less prominent capes, who get labeled Breaker even though they don't have a 'breaker state' of any kind. Maybe I'll look into that later and edit the post to use of one those cases as the example, instead.

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