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05-04-2020 · Recovery is the most important part of your week, and with this 30-minute restorative yoga and meditation session, you are giving your body what it needs to …Author: POPSUGAR Fitness

During the retreat, we address broad aspects of the Spiritual Heart, from a variety of traditions including esoteric Christian, Sufi, and Kashmir Shaivism. The atmosphere will be one of agape and strong spiritual support. The Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat was created specifically to comprehensively and intimately understand what meditation is and to feel the amazing inner transformations which it brings.

The program aims to create an experience resembling a solitary retreat such as in a cave in order to provide an opportunity to reach deep states of consciousness, intense aspiration for the Divine, and highly focused interiorization for the awakening and blossoming of the soul, jivatman. During the Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat, practitioners will be skillfully guided to this penetrating understanding where the search for meaning ends in surrender to the domain of revelation.

No previous meditation or yoga experience is necessary as this retreat is designed for beginner and advanced meditators alike. During the retreat, our aim is to inform you about methods for meditation encompassing, but not limited to, the unity of consciousness and Advaita Vedanta, thus leading to self-discovery of the Spiritual Heart. We aim to inform you about the practical and theoretical aspects of this methodology, allowing ample opportunities to directly put it into practice.

In doing so, we hope that you will understand the underlying principles and value the purpose of meditation, thus reaping immediate benefits, and coming to love meditation as an essential part of your life. You will learn some direct methods to pacify your mind and even to transcend it. When your mind is truly still and without any thoughts, and you transcend your ego, and you arrive at a place where you have no name, no social status, no relationships, no past, no future, no country, no spiritual attainment, and no lack of spiritual attainment.

It is simply a presence of being. If a movement or a thought appears in this stillness, it is enveloped into the stillness, thus becoming stillness itself. It is as if your life becomes full and saturated with this peace and sacredness.

You will also learn a way which comprises a vision, a spiritual understanding and a method of transforming yourselves. This will help you in your quest to understand the reason for your existence. Our aim is for you to realize the importance of fully incorporating the Spiritual Heart in your life, beyond concepts, theory and philosophy. The path to the Spiritual Heart journeys through your soul, and therefore, an opening and intimacy of the soul will naturally occur from this.

Ultimately, you will be compelled to love at a level which your ego usually prevents you from accessing through blockages such as attachments, ignorance, and other negative emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.

To access this level of universal love, the obstacles challenging your personality and your ego must be transcended through accessing the Spiritual Heart. Our ultimate goal is for you to gain a profound understanding about the real nature of your existence and the nature of manifestation of Life and the Universe.

Purification Effects from the Retreat When we venture deeper than the surface of our egos into the realm of the Spiritual Heart, it is common that some purification on the physical, mental, or emotional level can occur. Do not be afraid. Do not avoid the purification. When those transformations eventually synthesize, meditation ceases to be boring, painful, or just a passing experience, and truly becomes a deep, joyful, and blissful experience.

However, change is inevitable and this transformation can be very stable and profound and can transform your life dramatically. Expectations So, what expectations do we need to have from the Retreat? Because of the ineffability of what we really are, of what Divine Reality is, this change is a natural progression that comes from stillness, surrender, and, ultimately, from within our true selves.

The aim is to create the best conditions in which the Divine Reality will be revealed in our Heart. From doing this, we will experience some profound effects from these meditations.

Many make the mistake of becoming attached to these effects and realizations. However, do not cling to them. This means to get used and be aware of that quiet, peaceful, infinite, and eternal foundation of our being which cannot be perceived by the rational mind, but is the source of all inspiration, love, beauty, and spiritual life. Many sages have said that Spiritual Heart is our real home. So abandon yourselves, trust and enjoy this centering.

The Spiritual Heart is your axis, your hub. During this retreat, be at home, be present and integrate this practice fully for an intimate, meaningful experience. Search this site.

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“Prayer is when the mind is one-pointed and man talks to Infinity. Meditation is when the mind becomes totally clean and receptive, and Infinity talks to the man." ~Yogi Bhajan, The Aquarian Teacher Training manual, p. 129What is Meditation?Meditation in Kundalini Yoga contains specific, practical tools that carefully and precisely support the mind and guide the body …

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Be Happy, Feel Great with Kundalini Yoga. Yoga Technology is the source for all your Kundalini Yoga Books, eBooks, DVDs and Online Classes. Uplifting in mind, body and spirit, this time-proven technology opens your heart and builds inner strength and awareness, while helping banish depression and relieve stress.

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We’d love to support anyone directly affected – physically or emotionally – by the coronavirus outbreak. Our mission at EkhartYoga is to create positive change in the world through yoga. Therefore we’re offering you 12 free yoga and meditation classes, specifically designed to help relieve stress and anxiety. 100% free, no payment details required.

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Yoga y meditación. En primer lugar, es importante conocer qué significan estas dos palabras y de dónde vienen. Empecemos con la palabra Yoga. Yoga. El yoga es una palabra sánscrita antigua, que básicamente significa “unión”. Esta unión se refiere a la conexión entre el alma (el individuo) y el Espíritu (Dios o el universo).

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Yoga meditacion

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